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Flax Seed - Whole

Flax Seed - Whole

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Many generations of horse men and women have recognized the outward signs of health exhibited by horses fed a ration that contains flax seed. On the back side of racetracks and in many feed rooms, flax seed can be found in various forms. How exactly does flax seed benefit the horse? There ARE actually several health benefits derived from flax seed when added to horse feed on a regular basis. One clear benefit is the soluble fiber or mucilage contained in the seed. This fiber holds a lot of water which helps to keep the digestive tract hydrated and be useful therefore in preventing impaction colic. Soluble fiber is also a very good source of fermentable material for the microbial population that resides in the equine digestive tract. Keeping the microbial populations stabilized and in high concentrations is paramount to keeping the horse healthy.