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Nickers International, Ltd. Radiance Dry Shampoo For Horses

Radiance Dry Shampoo For Horses

$ 18.99

No water needed! The only non-liquid dry shampoo made with all natural vegetable fibers. Brush on Radiance, brush off dirt, dried sweat, excess oil, manure stains. Removes tangles from mane and tail. Great for white socks. Enriched with biotin and aloe. Naturally moisturizing. Contains no chemicals or detergents. 100% organic. Great all year round or when a water bath is impractical.

  • Radiance leaves your horse looking and smelling fresh and clean.
  • Radiance removes excess oil without drying out the horse's skin. Naturally conditions skin and coat without making it artificially oily. Radiance will not leave irritating residue.
  • Radiance does wonders for white socks and light colored horses!
  • Gentle, moisturizing Radiance is good for YOUR hands. Use on your hands (with water) in place of soap. 
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe.